How to make generated 2D terrain?

Something like Hill Climb. Here is a picture to visualize it, of course I would like it a bit smoother. Any help is appriciated.


I have already tried it and it is somewhat complex to generate random terrains, I don’t know how to explain this to you, I have managed to make terrains somewhat similar to those of terraria, if I find the project where I did it I can send it to you if you want

Actually I am developing a game and i research about info to that sistems, i can solicit the same project please?


I research this type information you can look more in post " Muchas Dudas en juego estilo Terraria" please, look it was something can help you in this post


I can’t find it but if you want I can create an example project doing this, and document everything the game does, when I have it ready I’ll let you know


I’ll check to see what I can take from there, thanks for the recommendation, do you speak Spanish? Mi idioma nativo es español, vi un post tuyo en español entonces creo que hablas español jaja

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Yep i speak Spanish, but because this post is in english you and me need continue, writing in english :smile: :+1:t2: (Gdevelop rules boooyyyy)

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Ok i look the example, and i don’t know how work the variable “anim” I think every 10 blocks appears 1 is Stone and the count reset, right?
But i didn’t see nothing in events reset the anim count! Can you explain my please?

If you can it would be much appriciated to send them

Is this file, sorry to steal your post :wink:
Just expand (touch the arrow to expand the DeividHiGamboa text)

You have discord or other? @LaggyMario and @DeividHiGamboa ? To talk about 2D terrain generation or other, if you want (Just one thing, in normal i talk Spanish :V)

Mario.#8266 here is my discord but i dont speak spanish

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The anim variable is an object variable, so what it does is set the animation for each block, so I’d have to do this again to document,because even I hardly understand what I did there

how do i find you on discord

ElementerTheDragon#4793 @DeividHiGamboa and @LaggyMario

I’m probably wrong, but the Tiled map editor has a feature for random terrain. You could implement a randomized tiledmap for your terrain.

However, if you want a different terrain each time you load the game, I’m afraid I can’t help you.

@LaggyMario, have a look at using the noise generator, and taking the values it creates for a fixed y-position (so you are taking a slice through the noise image).

This video does a good job of explaining what I’m on about (it is Python, but the idea can be applied to GDevelop)

Here is a link to a GDevelop wiki page on procedural generation. By replacing the y variable with a constant value, you’ll achieve the slice through the noise image.