How to Make Motion Trail Effect?

Hey all,
How can I add a motion trail effect on my player, similar to the one depicted below:

I think this can be done with opacity and position Tweens.

How would I accomplish this with Tweens and opacity?

I can’t explain how to do it, I’ve only seen it done via the GDevelop discord.

@RapaGameZ uploaded a video and file of code for dashing.

RapaGameZ / Jukka R.05/28/2019

I used tweens to make dash (move x position of player using tweens). And that after image effect I just created copy of player character with only that one frame animation every 0.08 seconds and then substract opacity of that object then delete it. And BTW I just love tweens behavior! You can do so much and and more simply that usual.

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Thank you! Could you link the Discord message?

You’re welcome, unfortunately, Discord doesn’t work that way as far as I know. But if you’re in the server, you can search for “dash” and jump to the messages by RapaGamez. It’ll be around the date in my quote (5/28/19) under the #wip channel. I’d give you links to the video and code file, but they were attachments that you’d have to view and download from there.

If you haven’t joined yet, Bouh has the link in this thread:

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See here