How to make mouse hold

hi guys i have a problem…i make game like minecraft … i want condition (when left click is keep pressing) any help

Hi @malek_nasfi, can you clarify what you mean? Do you want to detect when the mouse is held down? Or when an object is clicked it is held by the player?

And if English is a bit tricky for you, write your comments in your native language and then use Google Translate to translate it to English before posting.

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i want the mouse when i click he is
hold :slight_smile:

Hold onto what? The object it was clicked on?

I mean a condition (if mouse keep pressing on the left click)

So you mean like this?


i use him but why this condition not work

It does work - you’ll be using it incorrectly. Can you provide screen snips of your events?

i have i have lot of event hhhhhh i repair this glitch and tell you
… ty