How to make moving obstacles?

Moving obstacles in the level and how to make them (maybe something like platforms from ‘the world hardest game’)

Obstacles will move and the character must overcome them.

I suggest if you are a beginner to watch the explanatory videos to learn the basics of how it works (there are many in the “Learn” section of “Home” in Gdevelop).
This is the ready-made example:

Here is one of the videos that explains it:

I think that the videos do not specifically talk about the movement of the platforms, but it is in the already done example.

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I asked for moving obstacles and how to make them, the video didn’t say anything about moving obstacles!

The object can be anything, your business is how to implement its movements, straightness, amplitude, etc. How to enter a pair of points (not visible on the scene) and change the vector when touched, it will rotate back and forth.

The second video in the series covers moving enemies.

You will not always find a video so specific to what you are looking for, something like: “How to make obstacles like in The world’s hardest game in Gdevleop without programming”. However, there are mechanics that are functional to you and you can apply them to achieve what you are looking for. For example, the movement of the platforms that is in the mentioned example.

By using the “Rectangular Movement” behavior to the object you are looking for (as Platform2 has in the mentioned example), you can achieve a movement similar to what you are looking for (as Platform2 has in the mentioned example).

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sorry dude, I already found the info before you