How to make multiple objects appear with one click?

I want to do the treasure box effect, I click on the box and then 10 different objects should appear in the center of the screen.

If the objects are different, it will be a bit difficult to automate it, but it’s feasible.
The easy way is to put 10 create object actions :slight_smile:
If they’re the same object with different animations, you can use the repeat event with a variable to display the proper animation for each one.

An approach could be to add the 10 different objects to a group,
name each object like item_0, item_1 and so on to 10
then in the click action you can do

Begin of the scene
Action: add variable items_counter = 0

On click Treasure box
Repeat 9 times:
Among the ObjectsGroup create “item_” + VarableString(items_counter)
set items_counter +=1