How to make obstacle collision with top down movement?

I see that the pathfinding obstacles works when you have a pathfinding behavior set. But how do I make my character collide, as in not being able to walk over, walls, when I have the top down movement enabled?

This is how

I have a door that can be opened. How do I reverse that event when it’s set to close, for it to be opened?

A simple way to do that is using 2 animations of the door. the object door can have two (or more) images/sprites: an image with a closed door and another with the door opened. Then you can use the trigger (condition) you want to set the change of those animations. Example: [C] - Player is in collision with ObjectDoor+hit whatever key>[A] - Change animation of Door to AnimationDoorOpened. And depending of the effect you want, you can also revert the same event to the closed door animation. You can also use variables for this.

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Aha! Thank you both for this information. Very helpful! :smiley: