How to make push back?

Hi, its my first question
I need help with making push back for my player character after shot with weapon
and how to make my player carry a weapon
can any one help with example pls

This video shows an example of a character with a weapon: How to Create a 2D Platformer Shooter in GDevelop Free Game Engine - YouTube

As for the push in the opposite direction, then when you shoot you will know the right direction and it is fashionable to apply force on the character in the right direction.

thank u that what i was searching for

But I did not understand what is the action for give force to opposite side

Use a Negative Value for applying force to the opposite side. For example, applying 100 Force in 0 degrees would push the Object to the Right side

While applying -100 Force in 0 Degrees would push the Object to the Left (just the opposite) side.

Although we could’ve used 180 Degrees for Pushing the Object to the left but I am clarifying the use of negative value for opposite force so I didn’t mention the 180 Degrees Direction.

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Thanks finally I find the way
thank u very much