How to make several enemies shoot?

I have archers, but they do not shoot all together, but only one of them. I tried different options, here is the last one:

Do you have a group called Archer and an object called Archer?
It’s not obvious why in the first event you aren’t just doing:

Create object Arrow at position Archer.X();Archer.Y()

I think the problem of only having one arrow may be because you are resetting the timer after the first Archer instance is processed, so the condition of the timer being greater than 1 second is false for the remaining Archers.

The first sub-event should also be its own event I think. Each arrow is an independent object so doesn’t need to be processed by looping through all the Archer objects.

As it turned out, the problem is that the arrows are visible only when the character is in the X (-800; 800) Y (-600; 600) coordinates.

I think i would do the inverse
The timer “shottimer” is greater than 1 seconds
Repeat for Each Archer objet:
Ok, reading again I think you want to do all the stuff, do the reset of the timer out of the repeat. I thik thats the problem.