How to make so 3 objects go to 3 predetermined postions without overlaping with each other?

Screenshot shows the three objects I want to move into predertimened postions without overlapping.
ChatGPT gave me this response but I am having a really hard time making it in gdevelop. Any help?

If you have three objects and three predetermined positions, and you want to place each object in one of the positions without overlapping with the others, you can follow these steps:

  1. Identify the three objects and the three positions you want to place them in.
  2. Start by placing the first object in one of the three positions.
  3. Place the second object in one of the remaining two positions.
  4. Finally, place the third object in the last remaining position.

This method ensures that each object is placed in a different position without overlapping with the others. For example, if you have objects A, B, and C and positions 1, 2, and 3, you can place them as follows:

  1. Place object A in position 1.
  2. Place object B in position 2.
  3. Place object C in position 3.

Now, each object is in a different position, and none of them overlap with each other.

Use a tween. In the editor, add the tween behaviour to each object. In the events use the positional tween to move each object to its target position.

Where do the shapes come from? Where do they go? Is this a setup process or game play? Should the shapes be unique or in a special order?