How to Make "Spatial Sound" louder

I am making a sound that needs to be louser when im closer to the source. I the set position of sound and set position of listener works, however, the sound is very quiet, and i can only hear it if im around 32 pixels away. Is there a way to fix this?

Enter inside the extension and change the expression they use

Is there an extension? I am using the built in events.

I thought you were using this:
Sorry can’t help about the GDevelop’s one.

Given this is the spatial sound position note:

I’d suggest you do something like:

if the maximum distance you can hear it it 32, and say you want the furthest an object can be "heard’ is 300 pixels away, then move the spatial sound to 32 * distance_to_object / 300.

Note, this isn’t someting I’ve tried myself, so it’s merely a thought and suggestion.

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It took me a bit to se what you were talking about, I will try that as soon as get the time

On that note, i realize i am unsure of how to implement your example. Could you please specify?