How to make the character not fall when stepping on a ladder?

Please help. I need the enemies to be able to patrol without falling down the ladder.

I’m assuming you’re using the platform behavior. Where are the ladders? At the end or do they overlap the platforms? A screenshot of the scene might help. The more specific the question, the quicker and better the answers will be.

Yes, I’m using platform behavior, including ladders. The green squares are the ground, but when the character steps on the ladder cell, they fall.

I didn’t forget about your problem. I just don’t have an answer. I had hoped, with a few more details that someone more familiar with platforms and ladders could help. Could you post a screenshot of your scene?


I’m no expert, so I’m hoping someone else can confirm this is the best way. If you place a sprite with the **platform jumpthru" behavior over the ladder then you can go through it when on the ladder and drop thru it when not on the ladder. It’s up to you if you want to leave it visible. Just make sure the objects are at the same Y() and match or overlay in the left and right.

I added 2 jumpthru platforms 1 green, 1 blue. You can toggle the visibility for the blue one.

Try me using the cursor keys and space:

The player and enemy have the platformObject behavior, the enemies default controls is off, the green sprites have the regular platform behavior and the one’s with a J have the jumpthru behavior.

Alternatively, you could move the enemy with a force instead of the platform behavior. Although, if not placed correctly, it will look like it’s floating or in the platform.

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Thank you very much, Keith!)))

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