How to make the Time Scale NOT affect the Player?(SOLVED)

Hello again! Simple question, is there a way or code to exclude the player’s movements and attacks from the slowing down of the Time Scale? :confused:

It seems that there is a new time scale system under development, which allows to scale the time for a specific layer. For example you put the player in a new layer between a background and a foreground, and modify the time scale for the background and foreground layers (not the player). But as I said, it’s not available yet :frowning:

The only workaround I can imagine is to modify the game time scale, and modify some player values so it doesn’t get “affected” by the time scale.
For example if you scale the time x 0.5, everything will move at half speed, then you should modify the player animation speed scale x 2, the player maximum speed x 2, acceleration/deceleration x 2, if the acceleration is too low try with a x 4 :laughing: (doing some physics on the head, yeah, maybe it’s x 4), etc. :slight_smile:

Excellent news! Can’t wait to try it out once it’s been released. :slight_smile: The workaround worked like a charm, too. I’m glad the Time Scale doesn’t affect variables (I used Global) which makes it more manageable. Thanks a lot! :smiley: