How to make timers run when out of focus ? (STILL UNSOLVED)

How to make timers still run when browser is out of focus ?

When i minimize the game or change browser tab, the timers stop running and stop triggering their actions. Is it possible to make it always run as long as the browser is running ? I also tried checking off ‘Deactivating input when focus is lost’ which also didn’t work.

I have uploaded an example file. You can see when you minimize or switch tab in browser, the timer stops running. I am trying to create an idle game now so it’s almost a must for it’s function. Are there any workarounds to this ?
TimerNotRunning.gdg (5.1 KB)

You can use the day time to measure time instead of the timers.

Thanks. It was what i was looking for. But how can the day time of the system clock be converted into a timer that accurately increments 1 per second into a variable ?

It’s still unsolved. :frowning:

I removed all the timers, fetched the system clock second to run with a variable as timer with a conditional check. It works fine like when it was with timer but still when the browser is minimized or tab switched, it stops again just like with the timers.