How to make Variable C, the value of Variable A + B?

I’m new at using Gdevapp and would like some help.
How do i always make Variable C, the value of Variable A + Variable B
Can you be specific on what to type.

You need to use expressions.
You can find expressions in the expression editor when you click the black symbol next to a value field.

In case it is a scene integer variables just type this expression as the value of C:

Variable(A) + Variable(B)

The expression is different depends on what kind of variable we are talking about:
The variable can be Integer which is store numbers only or String which store text only.
On the top of that, can be, Scene, Global and Object or a Structure. You can read more about the variables on the wiki: … evariables

Just a quick help, this is how the expressions looks like for different variables:
Scene Integer variable:


Scene String variable:


Global Integer:


Global String:


Object Integer:


Object String:


You can also convert values:

Number to String:


String to Number:


You can find many more expressions in the editor.

That symbol doesn’t appear when i have to enter a value/variable.
Are you using Gdevelop instead of Gdevapp?

Yes, it’s GDevelop, ddabrahim noticed that the topic is on the GDevelop forum section, surely didn’t noticed that you pointed out GDevApp in the post :slight_smile:
In GDevApp, you can still use the given expression in the “Value” field, you just haven’t the expression editor to help you find the functions:

Variable(A) + Variable(B)

I have noticed after my reply he is mentioning Gdevapp, but yeah the expressions should work anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for taking time to help me.
I figured out how to it with Gdevapp shortly after i posted.