How to make water surface animation ?

From Graphics point of view … how can i make the animation of the surface of the water ? … is there a free asset somewhere cause i can’t find any … Thanks

You mean waves??? And from which point of view???
I would do it in blender where you add a blue solid and some animated noise and save the frames… You can even do it in photoshop with the same procedure…If you give me dimensions and for the sprite i could prepare something for you…

MeX1Co yeah 2d waves … but not the waves on the beach … just the surface of the water … just like in the picture .
hmm … the problem is that i have so little knowledge about blender … used it a couple of times but that’s it . but i know how to use Photoshop .
well the size i need is (hight = 70 … width = 210) … i would love to see just an example … could help me a lot . if i just know how it’s done . i could create mine on Photoshop .

Thanks for the help …

You ask how to make an animation, and you send animation frames of that by yourself? You answered your question by yourself?
Sorry, think I don’t get something :smiley:

Well this animation is not mine . So i can’t use cause it’s not free but
What i’m asking is how to create something similar like this …
If i did an animation like that … how can i connect it together you know ?

For example
If i made a sprite 70*210 what if i put another one beside it … will the animation just continue like be connected because i need to make a bunch of sprites then connect them as one .so the surface feel like smooth moving water . it’s really hard to explain what i mean .

I tried to do this animation on photoshop then i test it but then i get shopped animation where the beginning of the sprite doesn’t connect to the end of it .so when you put bunch of them beside each other. what you get is just a messy animation .

Hope you get 1% of what i mean :smiley:

Ok so i did a test now again and it’s working with the animation i send … So it has to be my fault in the animation i did … anyway i found a way and that’s all i need . Going to draw another one and see what will happen .

Something like this??

Yeah that’s exactly what i mean … going to try and draw mine … thanks a lot for helping .

For reference you should start with a wider photoshop file. I made one at 600x70 and drew waves… If it will help here are the files… (60.4 KB)

Cool thanks a lot it’ll help of course :slight_smile: