How to make wiggle character

I want to make a Wiggle character. I cut the character into five separate parts 2 separate arms, 1 body, 1 feet and 1 head piece I want them to follow an invisible hit box but I want the pieces to move according to the character’s movement but I don’t know how

There’s an example project called Ragdoll, try looking at it, see if it helps you understand how to proceed.

If there is a tutorial video you know about ragdoll, can you send it to me?

I don’t.
If you can’t understand the ragdoll example project, try looking for a general tutorial about the Physics behavior. Most of them are on YouTube.
But if you only want to simulate a walking animation, Physics isn’t the best way to go. Either build the animation outside GDevelop, with Dragonbones, for instance, or perhaps use tweens (you’ll find some tuts on YT).

Thank you for your help I did something close to what you wanted using wheel joint :grinning:

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