How to make work 'device is online' extension?


Trying to use “device is online” extension but doesn’t work :frowning:

The way I have that code, in game always showing the “device is online” layer, the Game Over F one.

And never shows the layer Game Over, I need it cause if player is not connected I cannot offer him a rewarded video to keep advancing

Any idea what am I doing wrong? or what can I do?


Don’t use that extension, first because generally it is unreliable and secondly because that’s not what you want to do :wink: You want to check if you can display an advertisement or not, no internet doesn’t mean that no ads can be shown (for example if admob pre-downloaded some, or the internet connection just jumped a bit). Instead, load an ad without automatic displaying and use the condition ad loaded to check if you can display one or not.

Thanks a lot for info about the ext.! so, about the ad loaded, is a good idea, but can’t do it exactly as you propose but maybe it can work with some changes!