How to move a moving platform with no force ?

I need to make a platform to move but not with force … but maybe updating it’s position ? … i heard this possible … i just don’t know how it’s done ?

Thanks …

The answer is in the question :

DO +/- 1 at the X(or Y) position of the object.

I recommend to have a look at the GD5 examples at least in the online editor in case you are using GD4.
I made tons of examples to cover all the basic staff including how to change the position of an object without using forces and physics:

Thanks Kink … it worked .

ddabrahim … i actually did … i always search for more tutorials everytime i have a question but didn’t found the one with moving platform . I think i just missed it or something .
Anyway … thanks for helping .

At least you tried. It was not about moving platform but changing the position of an object in general:
Here: … -of-object

Nevermind :laughing: