how to move an object to the bottom

Hello, I am a new user of gdveloper and I have basic problems with using the engine, I would like to build a scene for my 2d game , the problem is that I have already added the player and the points , and now I want to build the backgroound of the scene, but the tiles are on top, and they cover my character. How can i move these elements to the back ?


There’s two ways:

  1. Change the Z Order of the objects to a lower number than your foreground objects.
  2. Add a new layer (name it Background or something similar), and move it lower than the base layer on the layer list. Move all of your background objects to this. They will always be behind the base layer objects this way. (This is my recommended method).

You can learn more about dealing with layers and element placement in the tutorials on the wiki, the layer’s wiki page: Layers and cameras [GDevelop wiki]

and the GDevelop youtube channel’s tutorials, specifically the Platformer tutorial: How To Make A Game - Platformer - No Coding Required - Part 1 - YouTube