How to move object over complex path?

Looking for an approach to solve my issue with moving an object over the scene with a none linear path.

Solved features of my scratch
I have several spawn points for every level it will be different (this is solved)
With each of a spawn point I create in the moment objects. (with the ObjectSpawner) - works great!

The LinearMovement extension helped me to solve the third movement of my scratch. It works also with a simple tween. (side note)

I’m looking for an approach where I can set different curves see line 1,2 and 4. (and for sure 100 more)
I tried the CurvedMovement and EllipseMovement extension, but I don’t found a documentation or an example how to deal with it. On top I’m also not sure if that really solve my issue.

I found somewhere a post that it is possible to record paths and I can use this path for my object path finding. I know also there is this pathfinding extension, but this I guess to wrong one for my case.

is like always - after writing and thinking how I could explain it. I found a very promise approach for my issue Curved movement - a game example from the GDevelop game making app | GDevelop

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Happens to me all the time. Keep us posted.