How to move sprite to back in Scene Editor?

Hey I am creating a new platformer game. Although I have added the character, the platforms and the enemies, I just added a new background. Now the problem is that the background covers all the sprites, platforms and enemies in the scene editor. It is annoying. What can I do to move the background back?

In the scene editor, right-click the mouse on the object and choose Properties. In the Properties window change the “Z Order” number. Larger numbers are closer to the camera/viewer, so make the number smaller than any of the other objects have.

The standard Z order value is 0, so you can just pick a negative number to guarantee it will go to the back, if you aren’t sure what values other objects have.

You can also change the Z order in the events by using the ‘All objects>Z order>Z Order’ action.

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Sorry for being late, but yes, your solution did work. Thanks!