How to off music with "stop the music of channel"

explain how to stop the music in the channels, such as pressing the button, the pressing sound played, but the music did not.

Can you provide a screen shot of the events that turn on and turn off the sound?

Also, you should use play sound over play music. The latter is known to be buggy.

on “stop the music” I just wanted to insert what exactly I don’t know, it doesn’t matter at the scene change

If you want to stop the music on a channel, you’ll need to play the music on that channel.

So, I struggled with this stuff too. It turns out the easiest way for me to figure this out was to change your play music commands to play music on channel commands. Then you can end it like you would like to.

I think this is how I ended up fixing it but when I get home I can double check my projects to make sure.

Also I believe MrMen is saying pretty much saying the same thing but they have been here for a long time so their answers are very to the point.

The playing music on channel was a little intimidating in the beginning which is why I used the same commands as you did and ran into the same road block.

roftlmao, how need???

What do you mean by that?

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