How to open a web page link??


How to open a web page link?
When you click on an object, it opens a web page
Thank you



Please don’t spam. According to this thread:

4ian states that there is no way to add a link. But that is a year ago so I am not sure if he has added the functionality yet. I doubt it though.

I need to resolve this problem :confused:
thank you very much

Why do you even need to do this? GD is a game engine not a windows application :stuck_out_tongue:

You can easily create a windows app to do what you want though. I just don’t think GD is capable of it :imp:

Well, he may want to link to his site where player can find more games.

I want to add a link of my page on Facebook

Try send a php request, while not using a php file but a web address.
The browser will open, on the webpage specified.

Try also with a windows shortcut file, that you “open”.

Last option in html5: put the link on the webpage where you also display the game.
Last option in Windows: Specify the link in the installer, and add a shortcut in the game directory.

Either way the player will have a way to access your fb at his convenience.

I want to display a link on My Facebook in Android

You can do this. It worked on windows, but i don’t know if it works on android.
make an event for the button that takes the user to the link and set it to if the cursor/ touch is on the object.
add a sub-event to the event you just made and make sure it’s a Javascript sub-event.
And copy-paste this in the Javascript sub-event:
window.location.href = “”;


While I appreciate you posting this info, this is a thread from September 2014. Probably not a need to update this with a response. :smiley:

Well, it helped me so I appreciate it too

This maybe new, from Storage [GDevelop wiki]
Open a URL or a file - This action launches the specified file or URL, in a browser (or in a new tab if the game is using the Web platform and is launched inside a browser).

Just go to Other Actions → Files

I don’t have this option in my game. After Storage I have Game’s window and resolution. No Files or Network. My GD is updated.

Be sure to use beta 113, if you are on desktop go to:
Help>About GDevelop.
The checking button for check updates has been broken for a previous version. I don’t remember which one, it’s been a while ago!

If needed you can download it again from the website.

ok! Thank you! Working ok now.

hmmm. It was working, but now it updated to beta 114 and I don’t have those options.