How to open two projects at the same time

how can i open two projects simultaneously? i want to copy some events from one project to another

Open twice GDevelop ^^


Twice on two devices ok, but twice on the same device, nope, I didn’t succeed in doing this on Mac Os

It works fine for me in windows and 4ian uses a Mac too so he would have noticed if it wouldn’t work on Mac I think. Do you have any more details on errors/messages that appear when you try to open two Instances of GDevelop?

I’ve never tried this on Mac/Linux, but maybe copying and pasting the exe file in same folder would also help?

First, I have one instance of Gdevelop 5 installed in my Applications folder on Mac, I just don’t know how it’s possible to have two instances of the same software in this folder. Second, I just don’t how to open two projects from a single instance of Gdevelop at the same time… so i’ve got no error because opening the second project will close the first one :slight_smile:

i’ve duplicate the Gdevelop App and it seems to work.


If you open Terminal on MacOS and enter

open -n /Applications/GDevelop\

a second instance will open up.