How to open vbs file

I am making a pop up dialogue box window appear in game to tell the player that he has completed a lee; for which i am using vbs. To open the VBS file I am using open a file or URL but it opening a new explorer windows.

The action you’re using prompts the system to externally open a file or an url with the system’s web browser or the software that’s associated to the file.

Anyways, I’m assuming that the VBS file you refer is a Visual Basic Script, right? (that’s the only kind of file with that extension that I know). So, maybe I’m missing something. Is there a GDevelop dialogue or text-managing extension using that kind of files? Why are you trying to open an VBS file just to display text in your game?

Heads up, windows will generally prevent VBS files (or .bat files) from being opened by other applications as it is generally viewed as a malicious action by most antivirus software and Windows UAC.

If you are looking to use the dialogue system you should instead be building out a yarnspinner formatted json file, not vbs.

I wan to make a pop up window like this one