How to organize objects in Folders, Sub-Folders?

Hi All,

Since I came from Construct some things may look very similar but some are still new to me, so maybe you can help me out.

I’m starting to have too many objects on my game.
Is there a way to organize them in Folders in the ‘Objects’ panel?

I see ‘Tags’ but that’s not what I’m looking for…

Thanks ahead for anyone who can guide me if it’s possible at all of course.

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It’s been suggested a few times before and really would make things more easier to manage, however the teams seems pretty set on just the tag system.

To add some clarity here, the thread posted is specifically talking about using the tagging system as a way to make virtual folders for organization. Not necessarily “just use tags as they exist today” as an alternative.

Unfortunately, no one has decided to pick the enhancement 4ian agreed with in the thread yet, but it may come some day.


I hope Folders will come eventually, not just for Objects but also for Resources or any potential upcoming feature related to organize content inside every project.

For example: GROUPS in the event editor is great!
Everything is much more easy to follow and organize from my experience so far as a newbie who came from Construct game engine.

In general, Folders / Sub-Folders will be much easier, native, user-friendly and inviting for newbies and people such as myself who are coming from other 2D Game engines, most of them using Folders for such things… Tags, I’m personally not a big fan, it’s easy to tag but not to work, follow and organize once the projects gets bigger and bigger compare to Folders. (why not both?)


The link above has a huge amount of information on why actual folders (as in file folders that exist in your project that you can also see in the list and organize around, as well as just manual folders with no reql data structure) are unlikely to happen.

However, the idea around tags (as listed in the thread), specifically speaks to changing it so tags get displayed as collapsing headings in the object list, basically acting as structured folders. Since created tags exist in the data structure, this gives you much more flexibility since filtering by tags is already built into the engine. It would also give you the functionality of folders since you could collapse or expand a tag in the list to show/hide any objects within it.

This would give you 99% of the folder functionality without requiring a complete backend rework of the object editor.

So again, that functionality is likely coming, but down the road. Feel free to read that thread for more detail.


There is no doubt that Tags are useful for filtering, but still…
When I have huge amount of objects related to the same Tag, things are still very messy and hard to organize unlike using Folders and Sub-Folders.

That means I will have to make Sub-Tags of something that should stay in just main Tag name… that’s a total mess too many tags just because I want to see less of the same Object “family” on the panel.

I guess it makes more sense to me because it’s easier to drag-n-drop and see compare to dealing with tags for organize, not just code-wise which IS useful for sure but not user-friendly or simple to organized such as Folders.

I guess it’s not going to happen anytime soon or at all, but I hope it will some day as addition to Tags, not to replace it.
I would love to see also folders in the Resource as well but not as much as in the Objects Panel of course.

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I apologize, I don’t think you are understanding what I’m saying or what the recommendation is as listed in the linked thread

If you read the linked thread or what I mentioned above, you need to ignore how tags work today.

That existing functionality will remain but is unrelated to the potential upcoming changes. In the upcoming changes, each tag would act as a collapsible list (akin to a folder). You could assign objects to tags (and potentially drag/drop) and they would now show up within the collapsible list for that tag

Visually this would be similar to how folders work in a tree view, like in the left sidebar in Windows File Exporer. Functionally on the backend it would utilize tags rather than having to build out an entire new architecture to store paths.

Edit: it is also worthwhile to mention that tags would allow you to have your objects categorized multiple ways/in multiple folders. With actual folder paths, you cannot have an object both in a “platforms” folder that contains all platforms and then in a separate “colliders” folder that contains anything using that impacts collision.

With structured/collapsible tag view, you can have the same object categorized multiple ways, so you could see it in both “virtual folders” instead. This helps you avoid having to make tons of duplicate subfolders, or potentially miss an object you are looking for in one categorization.

I just came back to check if after the amount of time I didn’t check Gdevelop for a while there are finally a better / improved folders and sub-folders feature.

I just downloaded the latest version and sadly I noticed that it still saves everything in the Root by default so I went to the settings to see if I can do something about it but I didn’t find anything related.

Is this features still not embedder or upcoming soon?
Since I came from other game engines where I create my whole project’s structure manually out and inside construct’s game engine, same as I do with Unity and GameMaker Studio where all files are always linked to the actual sub-folders on the engine and updates with the explorer (os browsing system) all the time no matter what I drag and drop, copy pasting etc…

Maybe I missed this features, is it a toggle button or anything I can do to turn it on? because it is a struggle to have everything always on the root and do it manually again and again every time…

I also tried the built-in Piskel, changed the directory and name of the sprite animation (on top)… Saved, Apply… but it still saves everything in the root of my project… I’ve tried again, but no luck.

Please let me know how can I turn it on, if this features is already there of course, I’m not sure if it is as I didn’t us Gdevelop for a while.

Thanks ahead!

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Sorry to necro…
but is this in the new gdevelop vers?

It has been flagged for addition/review by the devs.

You can read about it here: [Feature in Backlog] Object Folders - #9 by Luni

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