How to prevent interacting with a touch button that's beneath another touchable object?

How do I prevent touching/activating a button beneath another object (that is moving, and sometimes moves over UI buttown) that is also touchable?

I have put the object (a spaceship) on a new layer, above the base layer. Also tried a condition with the layer, but I’m missing something. It still hits both the spaceship object and the button beneath it.

When using a condition if the objects collides, It prevents the button below the ship to be clicked at the same time, as it should. However, it stops the whole button and not only the part where the spaceship above is? I only want to render the part hidden below the spaceship as untouchable/clickable, not the whole buttons (red drum button)?

You can try this out here. The Ship is on the “DnB LVL” (visible after a few seconds).

I guess you should be able to check that the touch coordinates are not inside the ship to allow clicking the button.