How to prevent Tiled tilemap disappear when zoomed?

Hi , I have just started using Tiled , and i have faced some issues that i don’t know if i am doing something wrong or not.
I created a map in Tiled , tileset has 32x32 pixel sizes , and so map options is 32x32 too. I am importing the tilemap just like written in the official wiki.
But in gdevelop editor , when i zoom in the map gets disappear . And in gameplay , it shown only if game resolution is 1920x1080 , i tried with 1024x768 , 800x600 , didn’t shown in both of them.
Tried with zlib compressed , uncompressed and csv layer options , all same.
By the way i use macos.
I don’t want to make my game 1080p , but tilemap only shown in that resolution. Also disappearing when zooming in editor is really annoying i can’t work like that.
Please any advice ?

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Welcome back :slight_smile:
Is your GDevelop up-to-date?
Could you share a sample project reproducing the issue?

Hi welcome :slight_smile:
yes my GDevelop is up to date.
I couldn’t upload the sample project as forum only allows to upload image files :confused:

Editing:Oh i forget i could always upload and share drive link :joy: :sweat_smile:
Here project link

The issue is caused by the displacement of the textures with the actual object:
When objects are not visible, the software hides them. So when you zoom in on the level, the actual object is out of the screen and is hidden.
I don’t know why this displacement, check the tutorials/examples/documentation related to the tilemap features.

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Wow , i didn’t know that behaviour and i wouldn’t have thought this will be the reason. I didn’t even care the actual object part thanks for showing me the reason. I guess it caused by my ridiculous map design in tiled. I will try filling whole map and update this answer again as it may help others in future.

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To avoid weird displacement, ensure you have a tile in the upper left most and upper right most corners of the tilemap.

Luckily, these can also be fully transparent tiles, they just have to actually exist and not be blank data.


Thank you for your precious replies. In all youtube tutorials people were filling their background , so they were having a full sized tiled map . That’s why they didn’t face issue like this . I tried tiling background too , and it really worked.
And thanks for that tip Silver-Streak ! I will definitely use it.

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