How to program transition with animation between IDLE and RUN

Hello my character has 3 animations: IDLE, IDLEtoRUN and RUN. I wanted the IDLEtoRUN animation to happen before the RUN, but without looping along with the RUN.
I’m new here and I know very little about Gdevelop, there’s a post about what I asked already solved, but I did the same and it didn’t work for me ç_ç

Can you link to the other post and explain what’s not working for you?

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I try the same but dont function…
the animation between IDLE and RUN dont apear

Can you send a screenshot of your animations and events?

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The animation between IDLE and RUN is just one frame because i want to test how many more frames I will need.

Hello, Andre!
I think you just need 1 more frame in your “idletorun” animation because you have a sub-event with the condition “animation finished”. If you want to understand why you need one more frame, you can check this thread that I opened with doubt and Silver-Streak help-me to understand: Last frame is aborted when the condition "Animation Finished" is used - #7 by Silver-Streak


THANKS! I just duplicated the frame and function.Really Thanks

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