How to publish Gdevelop HTML 5 to wordpress

How to publish/embed Gdevelop HTML 5 to wordpress???

anyone having experience with it???

<iframe src="game/index.html" frameborder="0" width="800" height="600"></iframe>

Try putting that in an article


Thanks a lot,but where to put that html folder ??? How website will link it up???

It doesn’t matter, anywhere on your webscpace.
In your WP root directory, also on another server,…
Then you can adjust the iframe code, the src path can also start with https://www.

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I am sorry but I m really new to WordPress HTML stuff , can you elaborate s little bit the procedure???
It will b really helpful if you can show by screen shots ,

@NJ239 Are you able to upload files to the web server (for example, via FTP)? Or, are you only uploading things (e.g., images) to your site via the WordPress interface?

I am not getting what are you saying but, i the game zip folder i upload through upload media i cant open it ???
how would i link my game up then???

You need access to a webspace and not just wordpress admin access, to upload your game.
I do not know if this is possible with your hosting provider.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. If you can only upload things through WordPress and don’t have direct access to your server, then it’s not going to work.

And if you do get access to your server, you have to upload the individual files, not a zip file.

You might have better luck hosting it on a game hosting site (such as and either linking to it or trying to embed it.

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okay i got the idea ,thanks for help

what i have to is place folder in root folder of my web ,containing index .html and placed this link into iframe with html widget ,thanks solved

I have been using Gdevelope with my WordPress website which is hosted on Cloudways managed WordPress hosting platform, The reason for moving to managed hosting was to fix these types of common problems, If you are familiar with both HTML and WordPress, then this tutorial is good for you. How to Convert HTML to WordPress Theme - Step by Step Guide