How to quit a game on windows ?

The quit event doesn’t work in preview … the game just freeze .
Do i have to compile the game in order for it to work ?

Thanks for any help …

Yes, when you quit the game on preview a message should appear on the IDE, with a message like “In the compiled project the game would quit”, similar to scene switching on preview :wink:

Oh ok good . I’m using gdevelop 5 so that’s why i didn’t get that message .
Thank you .

Lizard-13 is Fullscreen the same ?
I mean the full screen in preview doesn’t fill the whole screen … only the preview

So is it going to fill the whole screen when i compile the game ?

Not sure, in HTML5 fullscreen just covers the entire page, really not sure what happens if you build it for native, why not give it a try?

EDIT: Tried it myself, the game opens on a window with the size of the project, activating fullscreen just cover this window, you have to maximize it yourself to make it cover almost the entire screen :neutral_face:

Lizard-13 I wish i can I’m just in a place with no internet right now . Thanks for testing it .
Hmm …
So how do i maximize it so it covers the whole screen ?

I have Fullscreen enabled
Also screenwidth() ,screenhight()
What else is there ?

I just made an export for windows for a new game i’m developping with some friends, and i have these two issues with the .exe :

  • toggle fullscreen : doesn’t work, i can just maximise manually the window… but it’s still a window !
  • “Quit” action doesn’t work, it just make the window freeze !

Oh … ok that’s just not okay because no one can’t publish a game that you can’t quit from or a native game that can’t be Fullscreen .
ok so maybe a java code to put somewhere ?

What do you think we can do with this problem ?
There has to be a way around …

Wait for a fix :

Kink thank you … so is it fixed now or not yet ?

Wait for the next update, “Quit” would work hopefully :slight_smile:

Kink cool … this update will release soon or we will wait a long time ?

I won’t be able to puplish my game because of that (especially Fullscreen) when i finish it :frowning:

I really hope it will released soon .

Either way thank you so much for helping out .