How to quit? Game being posted on a website

Hi, I am making a simple game for my website project. I have finally learned how to include the game on my site (including .js file(s) into my main index.php).
Now the game is loading, I can play, but even when it finishes (I use Quit the game action) I cannot do anything on the site (like use any buton leading to different part etc.).
Any suggestions? How should I end the game? I can add any details if needed.

There is no way to “quit” a game on websites, the user must simply close the page or navigate on another page using the button/link of the website around the game :slight_smile:
You can still redirect the player to a “Thanks for playing” screen.

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Oh, thanks.
So the reason that I can’t navigate isn’t because of the game, but rather because of how I include the game on the website?

How did you include it? The easiest way to do so is to add a

I used something different, because of other requirements, but idea of using iframe sounds interesting, thanks.