How to refer to a custom point in functions like Tween Scale?

I am creating a game where you can place animals in different spots. When placing them, I want them to get squished for a split-second. This behavior can be created with Tween Scale, which worked fine just like in the tutorial! :slight_smile:

However, the Tween Scale function (to my surprise) does not allow me to specify the point I want the sprite to get squished around. I want the animal to show a realistic squishing behavior, so the point that it should get squished around should be on the bottom mid of the sprite (where the animal’s feet are). However, even though I can create a new point at the desired location, in the Tween Scale function I can only select either of two options: Either “from center: yes”, squishing it from the center, or “from center: no”, squishing it from the origin. The new point I created cannot be selected.

My workaround was to just move the center manually for every animal. This actually does work. But I am worried it might cause problems later on. So far it didn’t, because everything regarding coordinates that I used so far seems to refer to the origin (if there are exceptions to this, please let me know!!!). It just seems weird that I need to un-center the center for this specific function. I guess?

If any of you know how I can use my custom point for a function such as Tween Scale (maybe using the PointX(“BottomMidSquish”) expression, or maybe something entirely different I do not know yet), please let me know. I know it is not a huge issue, but still something that should at best be done properly :b If there actually is no way so far, then maybe that could be a suggestion for a future update: Equipping a function such as Tween Scale with a drop-down-menu including all the points, rather than a yes/no-button for either center or origin.

Thanks guys!