How to Remove Title Bar and Navigation Bar when game opens ?

This is for android

Is there a way to do that with a javacode in gdevelop 5 maybe i don’t know ?
How to do that ?

Thanks for any help as always …

In case you are using the build service in GD5, I think it is something that 4ian need to take care on his end :frowning:

In case you are packaging the game manually using Cordova/PhoneGap, you can try editing the config file to make the app switch to full screen. After exporting the project, open config.xml and find the following part

<preference name="orientation" value="landscape" /> <preference name="BackgroundColor" value="0xff000000"/> <preference name="Fullscreen" value="true"/>
And add to the bottom as you can see above and then package your game manually using Cordova/PhoneGap.

There are also some plugins that you can try to switch the app to full screen and hide the bars.
You can find info on how to install plugins in the docs: … g/plugins/
And here is a Cordova plugin that might solve the problem for you:

As an alternative to PhoneGap and the GD5 build service, you can also try with their Canvas+ technology.

You are awesome. . I have been looking for this problem for a month now with no luck and now just a simple line of code in the Config file fix it perfectly .
Honestly thank you so much … Your help is so awesome .