How to repeat a commnd forever after some time gap?

so i have been trying to spawn medkits on some places forever after some time gap but the repeat command is not working.How do i fix it?

I have hard time understanding what you mean by repeat forever

Because either

A - you want to run each action with 20 sec wait then when it come last action to start from the start (which would make repeat 70 times event pointless)


B - you want to repeat it 70 times only (as your repeat event imply)

A is the solution i want can u help?

If you want it to start from when scene starts then

Global boolean variable Spawning is FALSE
Trigger once

Set global boolean variable Spawning to TRUE
Create object med kit at x1 y1
Wait 20 secs
Create object med kit at x10 y10
Wait 20 secs
Create object med kit at x100 y100
Wait 20 secs
And so go on and as last action
Last action needs to be
Set global boolean variable Spawning to FALSE

Trigger once will not act as you expected inside a repeat event.


In many ocasions, conditions should most likely be used outside an repeat event.

What is happening there, is that you are calling the repeat event every frame, despite having or not a trigger once inside it. (Hard to tell because you did not took a picture of the main event.)

If you want to trigger a Repeat event once, trigger once should be used outside it.


You should not use a Repeat event to create loops, I would tell how but ZeroX4 already provided you a way of doing it.