How to replace an object somewhere other object??


How to replace an object somewhere other object? :confused:
If you click on an object, the object replaces another object

Thank you

Not sure if there’s an easier way but you can use this:

You should put the create action before the delete action. If you don’t do it, the previous object will be destroyed before you’ll be able to get its position.

Oh right haha silly of me. You’re absolutely correct!

Although it’s not suppose to work, the code I posted still does :confused:
EDIT: Tested it again and it still works

I tried and failed :cry:

Object does not appear the new place the old object
New object is created in the corner

Thank you

Most things in GD are case sensitive. Just change it to snn.X() and snn.Y()

[size=200]thank you very much :smiley: [/size]