How to Respawn my character when it collides with a enemy character that i created

How Do I?
How do i respawn my character when it is killed by the enemy?

What is the expected result
When my character collides or touches the enemy that I created my character should respawn in certain area

What is the actual result

I Already set a respawn point when my character falls out of the map. But when my Character collides with an enemy I cant find a behavior for it to respawn in a certain area

Related screenshots

What, in your specific case, is the difference between respawning and simply changing position?

My main goal here is to make my Character Respawn when it gets killed by an enemy

What is stopping you from doing that?

I can’t find the right condition and action in the Events tab for it to work

What kind of condition and event are you looking for but can’t find? Isn’t it just on collision reset player stats?