How to restart a video after the "game over"

Hello, I have a problem in the game I’m making, I put cutscenes with small sequences of videos. The game switches to a scene with the video during display, then returns to the normal game scene. The first time the game is played, everything works fine, but when the player receives a game over, for example, or leaves the game and restarts, the cutscenes videos do not return to the beginning, they are paused at the moment they finished being viewed before . Is there any command that makes the videos restart?

I know there’s a condition that identifies if the videos went to the end, but there’s no command that resets the videos from the beginning, or I didn’t identify which one it is. Can someone help me ?

Leaves the game and restarts should reset it.
Change the scene does not do that. You can use the action “Set time”, to start the video from second 0.

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WOW!!! Thanks A lot!!! It worked just fine!

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