How to rocket jump

rocket jump

hello im wondering how i can make a force effect my player to move in the opposite direction

rn I have a pewpew thing and when i shoot i want there to be a kickback to where the player flys

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Simply add a force to the character in the angle from the blast to the character when the character is in collision with the blast.

Image for reference.

No he said when he uses he pewpew

how do i make it stop smoothly? right now i have it just stopping the force and it looks really stiff

did anybody figure this out ?

Are you using the platformer behavior or you only want the player to be able to move with the shoot-to-move mechanic?

platformer i want the game to be a platformer roguelike or smtn
but where when u shoot guns its like a rocket jump

What you’re asking requires physics, and physics does not work well with the platformer behavior since the 2 behaviors work in different ways.

You can achieve this by adding both physics and platformer behaviors to the player, but only activate the physics behavior when you want the player to rocket jump. Then disable it when the player is on the floor so that the physics doesn’t interfere with the platformer behavior.

This basic event should work but you may want to do more tests and build upon it.

Also make sure to add both the platform and physics (static) behaviors to the floors, walls etc…