How to rotate an object without rotating the sprite?

I’m trying to rotate an object around another object, which I was able to do using the change Angle function. However, this causes the sprite to rotate as well. Is there a way for me to rotate the object while keeping its sprite facing the same direction? Similar to the “Freeze Rotation” option in Unity for a specific axis.

For example, in this screenshot, I want the knight character to stay upright while rotating around the villager to look as though he’s walking around in a circle.

Screenshot 2023-07-22 170512

I feel like the solution to this must be pretty obvious, but I haven’t figured out how to do it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hello, Loafykat!

You can use this extension:

And set 0 in “Angular Speed”:

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As Rasterisko said the “make objects orbit around a center object” extension is good for this kind of stuff (also “point and orbit”), but I find it difficult to use when you want to rotate more than one object and synchronize their rotation. I like to use the sticker extension because it’s very simple and works great for rotating multiple objects. The one downside is you’ll need an invisible object that rotates around the center orbit object, as you need something that is rotating to actually stick the other objects on. You can configure the invisible rotating object to follow the player around as well.