How to run GameDevelop under Manjaro\Arch Linux?


I would likt to use GD under Manjaro Linux which is an Arch based distro.
When I want to run GameDevelop, it sas I have to install “build-essential” package, which is, as far as I know is necessary to build deb packages.
Manjaro\Arch using different packages and it has no similar package to “build-essential”, so I’v installed a few package that necessery to build packages in Manjaro like , gcc, pkgtools but GameDevelop still wants “build-essential”.

Anybody could help me with that what packages I have to intall, what packages GD needs so I can install all of them 1 by 1 maybe?
Or can I even get GD to work in Manjaro or it works only in deb based distros especialy in Ubuntu?


Time for me to return the favor?

It’s called base-devel, it should be installed but if it’s not then :

sudo pacman -S base-devel

Although if GD is asking for the build-essentials I’m afraid it’s only suited for Debian/Ubuntu based Distros, even so you may be able to do something like this:

Or maybe convert the deb to targz with:

And then:
sudo pacman -U /path/to/filename.tar.gz

Thanks, but I have found the list of the dependences in terminal, and unfortunately there is more then 1 necessary package is missing from Manjaro repository :frowning:

But maybe I’ll try what you linked :slight_smile:


The second option seems less disruptive of your Distro’s package management, and the instruction suposedly is for installing the converted package with dependencies and all the bell and whistles. :wink:

If you think that everything that GD needs is installed, you can open the “” script and remove the lines used to check the dependencies.
If Game Develop launches successfully, you should be able to use the HTML5 platform without problems. For the native platform, open a few template to see if there are issues with the compilation.

Well, Looks like it works, GD starts with no problems, I can compile games with no errors, but I can’t preview or run any game because it freeze :smiling_imp:
But that because I use Manjaro in virtualbox I guess. On real hardware I’m pretty sure it would work, but the point is that I can compile to Linux with no errors.

Thanks :slight_smile: