How to save a score using Storage

I would like to know how do I save the number of times a button is clicked and load it back. For example i have a button called button1 when someones mouse touches it , it adds 1 to a text object. There will be a button called save1 . if you click it it will save the times you clicked button1. When you click load it will load the times you clicked button1. Any help on how to do this?

PS i need something like this Admob,High Score, Save Game - #2 by ddabrahim

Here you go.
Sample.gdg (12.5 KB)

It Is Just not working

Dont know whats wrong cuz it works for me. Make new project and use same events as in sample and it should work.

I Reinstalled an older version of Gdevelop and it worked! Thanks You Sooo Much

If you want to use the lastest version, clear the cache of your webbrowser and it will work