How to save an Object Group's variables and load them later?

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How do I…

How to save an Object Group’s variables? So I have an object group holding a bunch of stuff, they all share the same variables. The amount of Objects in the group and how many on screen will always be the same in the same order.

What is the expected result

Every object variable in the object group is saved and applied to the correct object in the group on load.

What is the actual result

I can’t find anything interacting with Object Groups and saving variables in bulk.

You will need save each objects values separately. There is no functionality on objects or object groups that does this.

There are couple of way to achieve this. Both will require the "Repeat for each object" event. What you do in that event is either:

  1. write the variables to storage for each object, or
  2. store the a variables values in a scene structure variable and save that to storage.

But either way, you’ll need to iterate over every object in the group.

Ok, thank you for the quick response.