How to save animation of an object?

Hi to all,
I hope you all are doing great! …and can anyone help me with auto save and load animation of an object?

Can you please explain with an example. I don’t understand what is your question.

Actually I have a SFX button for on and off and it’s working but I want to auto save the on and off state and auto load it when game restarts again…

Save in a variabile the animation name. If necessary store it in the devic( if you want to manage rapplication restart). When you restart your game ( or application) read the information and set your animation.

I don’t know how to write the events for auto save so if you don’t mind… please write the basic events and condition of auto save and load with an example … Please… it will help me a lot.

Here’s one of the examples you’ll find inside GDevelop:

Hello Gruk,
In this examples only player’s postion are saved but I want to autosave and load a button animation and I don’t know how to write the save event for animation… kindly help me with a screenshot.

Save the current animation (preferred as number) in a variable.
When you load your scene, load the variable from storage and set the animation to that variable.

Slash the God,
Can you give screenshot with an example…please requesting you

a better way to save is the use of a variable structure.
this makes it much easier to store and load data.

for example, if you want to store information about objects, like variables, animations, etc. you create your savefile structure.

like for the animation:

use everything you want to save as a child structure under save.
like Player level you can use under:

then you can store all your data you want to save by saving the entire structure as JSON. And parse it back as a structure when loading.