How To Save Project On Computer So I Can Share? Save As Not Working?


How can I save GDevelop project locally on computer so I can share project?

I tried “Save As” & “Your Computer” but it does not save a JSON project file?
Game resources are also not being saved either?

Any ideas?

Jesse Lee


I’m not sure what’s the problem but I tried it and it’s working for me, both on desktop and cloud GDevelop versions.

I’m guessing you’re working with the desktop version of GDevelop right?
If that’s the case then you can simply go to the GDevelop folder, copy or zip the project’s folder and share it.


There is no “GDevelop” folder on my computer?

I tried this on both Linux Mint and Windows 11.
Seems like after saving the game in the cloud, local saving no longer works?

NOTE: This might be a bug, where do I submit bugs?

Jesse Lee

Go to File > Preferences > Folders. You should be able to see the location of the local GDevelop folder.

If you originally stored the project in the cloud when you first created it, then you won’t find it in the folder. You can try to open the project in the cloud version and save as > download a copy.

If you tried all the other saving methods and nothing works, then you can report bugs through the GDevelop general > Bugs reports, and provide context to the problem.

Sorry, but I redid the entire project and saved it locally, all is well, thanks!