How to save score to next scene?

My score is already global variable.

Then you can read/write the score on any scene, you have to do nothing, make sure you don’t reset the score to 0 in the next scene :slight_smile:

i copied this from platform template
How to stop score from reseting?

You are adding 1200 points for each enemy killed, it’s Ok. If your score is getting back to 0, search for an action that sets it = 0, maybe at the beginning of the scene :slight_smile:

Also, that score variable is not global :neutral_face:

ok i made it now global variable, do i need to make object “dnevnica” also global object?

when i change it to global var my score doesn’t work :frowning:

Not at all :slight_smile:

You have to use conditions/actions related to global variables, they are different for scene variables and global ones… so you will have to replace every condition/action that checks/modifies the variable score to use the global variable score: