How to select object behind other object on scene

Hello. I’m new to this software. Does anyone know how to select an object that is behind another object on the scene view? For example one object has a Z value that places it behind. I have many layers of backgrounds and would like an easy way to select my objects without having to move the objects on top out of the way? I’ve tried putting them in different layers, but I get weird physics with my character if all objects are not on the base layer.


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When you say ‘select an object’, do you mean by touch or mouse click?

In the top right corner you can open the instances list and select your objects from the list:

You can also consider putting overlapping objects on a separate layer and hide layers that you don’t want to work with and overlapping.

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Yes, select an object by mouse click in the scene editor.

Wow, this is so helpful. I don’t know how I missed this instances panel. Thank you so much. I think I may have figured out what was going on with the layer panel I was having trouble with too. Thanks for your help!

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