How to set a custom tag in Yarn?

I can guess that the question is pretty lame, but all help will be appreciated. I am trying “show” a layer when the dialog reaches a particular branch with a custom tag but that particular layer just wont show! Please help!

Can you provide a screen snip of what you are doing? And it it’s an event triggered by yarn text, include a screen snip of the text in the yarn editor.

I am trying to show a video with controls in a particular branch. Most the things were working and thankfully i maintain a slew of saves, but then as per the advice of a fellow developer from discord i installed his extension and in that there is condition to execute commands when the branch has a specified custom tag. Somehow my dialog layer works when i show it in the event graph but not the Video layer when i unhide it in tag condition.

Here are the relevant screenshots

The rest of the event sheet is related to the video control project provided by gdevelop.

The concerned Yarn branch goes like this:

According to me its a visibility issue, something is wrong there!

All help will be appreciates especially that of @MrMen, who has helped me time and again! Thanks!!!