How to set custom control keys on a platformer game?


when I use the behavior on a player sprite called " Platformer character" I instantly get the character to move and jump.
The default keyboard controls are “arrow keys”(movement) and “space key”(jump).

Is there any way I can change those keys into my own custom keys- example: A-D - move left-right, W - jump??

In the behaviour properties you can disable the default controls and after you can use the events to apply custom controls.
Find the platformer behaviour events to simulate key presses. For example

If key ‘A’ is pressed => Simulate Left key press

Found it!
Thanks for the quick answer!

sorry, but im new to Gdevelop and i can’t find the behaviour properties. Where is it?

In case you are using the Platformer example, the Platfpormer character behavior is attached to the PlayerHitBox object.

  1. Select the object
  2. Right click and select Edit object
  3. Click the Behaviors tab at the top

This is where you can find all the behaviors and their properties and the checkbox to disable default controls.

You can read more about how to use behaviors on the wiki: