How to share a demo

Hi, i simply want to know where can i share a demo of a fighting game, its not formally a game but has base references to start one, so i appreciate if someone can gave me options to where can i share it.


Easiest way would be to export it as a local folder (For HTML5), then upload it to Itch: Publish your game to [GDevelop wiki]

You can also export it as an exe for download on itch, or a zipped copy of the project folder for people to download.

Hi @Silver-Streak I’ve successfully upload it, thanks for the link and the support.

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Nice :slight_smile:
I hope you can fix the bugs and comment the events, and then we’ll add it as an example inside GDevelop itself, if you want :smiley:

Hi @Gruk, great! let me start working on that and I’ll let you know.